Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Our Rites Of Passage Article!

Soul Inn House Custom Tattoo Art and Body Piercing Clinic is a well established Studio In Melbourne, Australia.
The Clinic was created in 2002 by Clare Keton, who is a well travelled artist having had experiences working at studios and tattoo conventions in many parts of the world.
Long time colleague/apprentice and friend Wendy Pham has worked with Clare since the doors opened and has helped to create the hub of artistic desire. Both artists are setting a bench mark for tattooing. Joined by them are Terrell, a Soul Inn House artist of many years, also taught the trade by Clare, and Matt, who is currently completing his apprenticeship.
The Clinic reflects Clare's love for and specialty in Japanese style tattooing, which she has become renowned for. The team are dedicated to quality custom design and inspiration is bountiful as one looks around the rooms at the Clinic.
Soul Inn House is in this for the long haul, the ripening and harvest, not the quick fix.
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